What Does The Coroner Do ?

Every County Coroner in Illinois is primarily responsible for identifying the manner and cause of death for every person who dies in the county. Most people die of natural causes due to age or health factors, but some lives end due to unknown causes or obvious traumatic injuries. The Coroner is responsible for conducting a thorough cause of death investigation for the purposes of possible criminal prosecution for manslaughter or homicide, to establish the absence of foul play, and to identify any threats to the health of the Lake County population.

Why I’m Running

I am a medical professional who has worked in the field as a forensic odontologist in death investigations and victim identification all over the United States. Lake County needs a medical professional experienced in forensics who can also serve as an efficient administrator. Lake County taxpayers should expect the same level of public service competence from the Coroner as they would with any public official, and that means excellent service by qualified people delivered efficiently and professionally. My main focus, however, is death prevention. That’s what our children need and what’s very important to me, as a father of five.

Why Change Is Needed

Coroner’s Office employees have a difficult job to do. In 2016, for too long the dedicated employees of the Lake County Coroner’s Office have worked in an environment that lacked leadership and professionalism by their leadership. Instead of coming to work focused on their jobs, employees were worried about the political agenda of their superiors and safety of themselves and their jobs. Employees are now focused on doing their jobs and helping the citizens of Lake County.

We need to instituted the highest levels of leadership and professionalism in the Coroner’s Office. We talked about death prevention; created new programs that will be the model for other Coroners to follow. Lake County is leading the nation in how the Coroner’s Office can give back to it’s citizens, all while staying fiscally responsible to the people.

Accomplishments from the First Term

  • The Lake County Coroner’s office is now accredited by the International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners.
  • Lake County’s Deputy Coroners are now boarded by the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators.
  • Coroner’s Inquests have been re-instituted for all officer involved and in-custody deaths to increase transparency.
  • Many of our high school students have been educated about the deadly consequences of opioid use, addiction, and making good choices.