Chicago Tribune


Dr. Howard Cooper has been officially endorsed by the Chicago Tribune.

“Our choice is Republican Howard Cooper of Bannockburn, to replace incumbent Thomas Rudd of Lake Forest, who is mounting a write-in campaign after he dropped out of the March primary because of a challenge to his nominating petitions. Cooper is a dentist with wide-ranging experience in forensics. He says he’ll work to educate students about the dangers of heroin, of texting and driving, and of drinking and driving. He is preferred over Rudd and Democrat Michael P. Donnenwirth, of Waukegan, a former deputy county coroner.”

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Daily Herald


Dr. Howard Cooper has officially been endorsed by the Daily Herald. They believe that his background and experience are the most compelling.

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Lake County Farm Bureau 


Dr. Howard Cooper has officially been endorsed by the Lake County Farm Bureau.

Lt. Colonel Steve Eanes


Dr. Howard Cooper has been endorsed by Lt. Colonel Steve Eanes, Training Officer for the NDMS DMORT-WMD All Hazards Team and a police officer of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia. You can read his full letter below.

“I have known Howard Cooper for 11 years in three capacities.

As the Training Officer for the NDMS DMORT-WMD All Hazards Team, I have found Howard to be extremely hard working, ready to do anything needed to get the task at hand done, and ready to teach and share his knowledge to make the team a better unit. Whenever I have called on Howard to help, he has been there.

As a law enforcement officer in Virginia, I find Howard to be honest, ethical, and trustworthy. He is one that you can depend upon and know he has your back.

Most importantly, I am proud to call Howard my friend. His love of people and life is captured in his gracious generosity and friendship. Howard gives without the expectation of anything in return. He is a friend that you can count on to be there with whatever you need if it is in his ability to help you. Howard’s caring and strong work ethic helped me personally and professionally during our deployment to the devastation of Katrina.

I am proud to endorse Howard for Coroner of Lake County, more importantly, I would vote for him if I lived in Lake County.”

Chief Deputy Lee Sweat, Appling County

“As a career Law Enforcement officer with 42 years experience I know how important it is to have a intelligent, professional and honest coroner as part of the criminal investigative team. Dr Howard Cooper is that person, I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Dr Cooper for more than 10 years. I encourage you to vote for and elect Dr Howard Cooper, Lake County Coroner.”

Lee Sweat, Chief Deputy (retired)

Appling County, Georgia

Coroner David Hunt F-ABMDI

“I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Howard Cooper on several occasions during disaster responses. He has always been one to put the needs of the deceased and their families first. He is one who will do any task assigned without complaint. I worked as a team leader during recovery operations after Hurricane Katrina and he performed his duties in some very difficult circumstances. I have been a coroner in Indiana for 16 years and am the past president of the Indiana State Coroners Association. I also serve on the Indiana Coroners Training Board. I highly recommend Dr. Howard Cooper for the position of Coroner, Lake County Illinois.”

David Hunt F-ABMDI

Coroner, Montgomery County Indiana

DuPage County Coroner

“I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Howard Cooper for the office of Lake County Coroner. Doctor Cooper has a deep knowledge and long history in the field of forensic investigation. The citizens of Lake County will benefit from the professional and non-political administration of the investigation of the cause and manner of death.”

Richard Jorgensen, MD

DuPage County Coroner

Dougherty County Coroner 

“Dr. Howard Cooper is a man of high integrity who values God, family, and community. In his daily life, he’s dedicated to his career and to helping those who cannot help themselves. He is a natural leader who’s gained experience and proven that he is ready to lead. During his tenure as a member of the DMORT team, Dr. Cooper has strengthened the team and isn’t afraid to take responsibility.” – Michael Fowler

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Macoupin County Coroner

“I, Brad Targhetta, have known Dr. Howard Cooper for many years, both personally and professionally. His knowledge, dedication and abilities set the standard for his profession and he will provide this same high standard as Coroner. His character is above reproach. I am honored to have worked with him.” – Brad Targhetta, F-ABMDI

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John P. Kenney DDS, MS

“I have known Dr. Cooper since he was a dental student at Loyola. In fact, he attended his first lecture on Forensic Dentistry from me while at Loyola. Howard has demonstrated his pursuit of excellence within our profession by achieving a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. He has served in leadership in the Lake County Dental Society. He has demonstrated his abilities in Government by serving on the Bannockburn Village Board of Trustees. ”

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